RX10IV first photos

Image gallery of the very first shots I took with the RX10IV. No raw conversion so these are mostly straight out of the camera with the occasional crop ad little tweak. Also included are 100% crops to show the noise pattern and bokeh.

Author: maarten

Long career in short films

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  1. Beste Maarten,

    Is de RX10IV enigszins geschikt om binnen met weinig licht een concert te filmen?

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    • Could you shoot a low light concert video? I don’t know, I don’t think this camera has the best low ligh capabilities, if the concert is well lit you wil probably have no problem, but if it’s nice mood light and you are not that close: most of the zoom range is F4 and anything above ISO 1600 isn’t great.

      Even outside when shooting sport at high shutter speed seems a bit grainy, but I need to test this to give you a definitive answer. good luck, leef je uit 🙂

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