Now I wouldn’t actually call this movie crap because that would suggest it had any substance to it. And with crap you can usually smell it and make sure you don’t step in it.

The day after independence day: This time it is the illegal aliens that attack the US of A and they do it in the good ol fashion sadistic and badass ’80 movie villain style. Wearing masks anonymous gang of baddies walks in covered by smoke, the masks are probably just there to keep the costs of hiring extra’s down, or use the same stunt guys in every scene, even after they have been blown up in the previous one.

The only thing missing are Henry Silva and Chuck Norris to make this a complete oldskool back to B movie, But unlike a traditional Cannon film, this time there was no money spend on a story.

It felt more like some random computer generated dialogue based on the top 10 most succesful action flicks. To streamline the creative process all the producers did was hand a piece of paper to the special effects / stunt unit and said: “We got new software that generated 1 pages of ’90 action dialogue, and a pretty decent opening sequence. Here is 60 million, do you think you can fill in the blanks with stunts and explosions? Oh and while you are at it, let us put up some camera’s and shoot some of it, maybe we can turn this into a movie somehow.”

The Washington monument get’s destroyed in a way that makes it look like one of the twin towers collapsing. Maybe I’m getting old but for some reason I think abusing those images to sell a cheapass action flick is is bad taste, ironic really because I got pretty bad taste myself hah.

I really don’t mind comic-book villains that need to be taken care of, taken out, destroyed, vaporised, ripped a new one, re-ripped a old one, ripped apart, shit down their neck, talked to in a ironic way, looked down on and blown up, beaten to a pulp blown up again and shot again, then killed.

But, except for the promising opening, it really is hard to care about anyone in the film. It is a bit like taking the same roller-coaster you did when you where 6, but now as an adult.Secret service running at a massive machine guns inside armoured trucks, blown to pieces one by one and nobody bothers to hide except the her, Really? are we back to that old load of rubbish? No time to come up with something move interesting? Who knows, maybe it is a homage to all the low budget 80’s movies, or perhaps, it is just going back to serving a 8 year olds blood lust. But whatever it is, they forgot to make it entertaining.

If you like popcorn action, go see Battleship, or Iron Man 3, Avengers was cool too, no really even Thor is not completely bad. Boring but not terrible! This is a new high in low-points and something you should only rent on VHS on a cold winter night when the heating stopped working, the world has ended and you need to burn some video tapes to start a fire with the neighbours furniture because it is the only way to keep the zombies away at night.

the positive:

What money did buy was a great cast, and most performances and interpersonal relationships are pretty convincing, but it lacks empathy and even putting Morgan Freeman is a pretty decent role doesn’t do much for the film. Which just goes to show that an actor for hire is an actor for hire and making a good movie, even if it is a total cliche is really difficult.

Perhaps it is fun going to the movies and watching a 120 million dollar snafu that has less content or sense then your basic wedding video, maybe that is the feel good factor hollywood is going to for these days: make people feel good about their own home movies!