Ever wondered what would happen when John Ivy directed a movie? It would be very good looking, really easy to understand, children and grandparents would be able to “get” it instantly and everything would look and feel really familiar to anyone who ever watched a movie before. Maybe they should have called it iBlivion.

It doesn’t bring anything new but does it beautifully. In true Apple fashion all the hardware is sleek tech we have seen before, it borrows a bit of Top gun, Independence day and Minority Report, so two thirds ispretty good.

The story is interesting, but Tom Cruise isn’t doing much more then being Tom Cruise: very focussed intense and “real”. I love SciFi, of all movie genre’s it is my favourite genre. You can imagine expectations where high, a Blade Runner meets Boy and his Dog meets THX1138. Or at least something as good as Minority Report, not a drop down to War of the Worlds children tv stuff. It really was just pretty space filler, a bit like watching a “gorgeous” apple screensaver in between plot points. Maybe my expectations where too high, maybe it is really good. It wasn’t terrible, it was just so bland and soul-les. It is like serving a lovely Lamb Vindaloo, but replace the Vindaloo with mildly spiced Mayonnaise.


There is a happy ending in which we find out how bloody tiny Tom Cruise really is!