The first Fast and Furious was really good, it was original in it’s execution, fun, exiting and crazy. It balanced all these elements really well. Part 2 was not that great, but 3 was not bad and Furious 5 was a lot of fun. Apparently not just fun but very successful because they decided to make 6 and 7. One of the few PS3 games I still play is Need for Speed, because there is nothing more fun then race a car where you are not suppose to. Fast & Furious 6 builds on this, but like many movies that seem to have a unlimited budget it doesn’t have unlimited creativity. Some scenes are so bad they make the worst episodes of the Knightrider look like emmy winning drama.

One of the reasons big hollywood movies are popular is the same reason there is a big obsession with Vampires and zombies at the moment: People seem to love soulless beings that are not accountable for anything they do. This is another one of those soulless products, shame really in part 5 Dwayne Johnson really added a cool new dimension to the series, now he is just another dumb excuse to blow shit up.

The movie suffers from a typical hollywood problem: lack of a real story, so to hide the fact there really is nothing more to say then “good guys kill bad guys” it goes form one pointless plot point (pun intended) to the other. All the “whole new level” cliche talk is there, all the moronic “one hostage is more important then the million lives it might destroy” bullshit is there.

Off course we go from modern german car chases to American muscle cars, and everybody seem to have grappling hooks in every car! Makes sense right? What is that small thing you are missing when driving fast to catch a bad guy? A grappling Hook! Nothing says accuracy, precision driving and useful cable slinging then a grappling hook with winch in the back of every car. Everybody in Europe has one!

when people used to show me clocks, it was cool to see what is inside and how the mechanics work, with obvious movies like Fast & Furious 6 the mechanics are all you see and like watching a clock tick, it becomes pretty tedious after a while.

Let’s hope they are doing a odds and evens play here, all odd numbers in the series where pretty good, so here is hoping #7 is going back to sucking a lot less.