RX10IV: Cinestyle 2: The return of Cinestyle

For video, the RX10Iv has a whole range of picture profiles, from your basic REC709 (TV colourspace) to Cinegamma and one of my favourite: Cine2 or Picture Profile 6 (PP6). It also does the more difficult S-Log 2 and S-log 3, both have a special viewfinder option to show the super flat log image in a way you can see what you are doing. But exposure is more difficult and my first experiment has been a disaster. Because S-log 3 requires a minimum ISO of 800 I needed a vari-ND to shoot in the lovely sun we had today. But by using Vari-ND I was also able to open up the aperture as much as possible which seems to show all the things that are wrong with the lens at 600mm. But this is a subject for another day and needs to be tested!