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Summer in October: HFR with the RX10IV

Time is magic? Slowing down or speeding up of time has always been something...

RX10IV: Cinestyle 2: The return of Cinestyle

Picture Profiles For video, the RX10Iv has a whole range of picture...

RX10 IV: Lord of the Zoom

Shooting a little surf impression with the RX10 IV.

So this is the 4K on factory default, no tweaking and both AF and white balance on full auto. All things considering: this is shot in pretty windy conditions without a tripod and despite some jittering even at 600mm (220mm real lens size) 35mm equivalent the image is usable.

The Sony FS5

When you look at the FS5 it seems like the perfect marriage between size and function, it has the right buttons, the fantastic variable ND. It comes with ‘real’ audio, the Mi hotshoe that can plugin your wireless receiver. It has the right picture profiles, two SD card slots and a nice rotating grip that can be extended. The overall idea behind the camera is excellent, but there are a few things that don’t work as well as I would have liked. I didn’t buy the FS5 because it is cheaper than the FS7, I knew I was going to spend more money on the FS5 with all the extra’s than on an FS7, besides, I already own the PZ 28-135 FS7 kit lens

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Summer in October: HFR with the RX10IV

Time is magic? Slowing down or speeding up of time has always been something...

Sunset with the RX10IV: AuroraHDR 2018 and Adobe Camera raw.

Adobe has just released an update to camera raw so now it is possible to...

RX10IV first photos

Image gallery of the very first shots I took with the RX10IV. No raw converter available so these are mostly straight out of the camera with the occasional crop ad little tweak.

RX10 IV: Set phase detection on stun

Years ago I bought the original RX100, replacing the Lumix LX3, a very nice little camera but it had terrible video. Back then the RX100 was still the great undiscovered ‘take anywhere’ camera. Perfect for hiking up a mountain as you can see from this picture on the left. Not the prettiest colors in the world, but excellent dynamic range, which is why it makes for a great BW shot.

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Better Things

There are very few programs on Tv that really are complete originals on every level. Better Things is one of them, the first in many years where, at the end of the show, you are left wondering if you just watched something that really happened or someone actually wrote it. The show is being advertised as a Louis C.K., and if he helped breath life into this small television miracle he deserves credits but it sounds and feels like a Pamela Adlon show.

Kayak surf: how I discovered a life away from the camera.

In 2013 I discovered something that has changed my life: Surf kayaking. It...